VaanMuhil is actively involved in Campaigns on important human rights issues
particularly on dalit rights, women rights, child rights and livelihood rights of the marginalized communities


Vaan Muhil is a rights based organization, started in 1995, to empower the marginalized communities/ groups for equitable and inclusive growth. It has been focusing on: human rights education; action researches on rights of the vulnerable sections; building resources and disseminating the same to the public; capacity building for leaders of communities and civil society groups, making legal interventions, taking up campaigns and advocacy efforts on rights issues.


Vaan muhil takes up initiatives and strategies to empower and mainstream the vulnerable communities through a process of inform-enable-collective actionfacilitates communities to discuss, prioritize, decide, access and control on all that concern their..


  • To develop human rights culture through training programmes for college students, youth, women, teaching community and development agencies.
  • To engage in public education programmes to highlight key rights issues and building public opinion on the issues.
  • To undertake innovative community based programmes that will ensure socio economic development and make people partakers in the development processes
  • To conduct capacity building and skill development programmes to increase the livelihoods and employability of rural youth.
  • To conduct seminars and conferences on important issues so that public discussions and debate could be carried forward towards making pro poor policies.

Our Programmes

Campaign Against Sumangali Scheme

Vaan Muhil undertook an advocacy study on the impact of Sumangali Scheme on rural adolescent girls and launched intensive cultural campaign against this modern form of bonded labour and a Signature campaign among rural communities. It has launched a state level Campaign Against Camp Coolie System (CACCS) to take up the issue

Networking and Coordination

Vaan Muhil has been actively engaging civil society organizations in transforming the socio economic status of the communities. It is part of several issue-based networks in Tamil Nadu.

Research and Documentation

Vaan Muhil develops a resource centre on human rights and developmental issues Collaborates with institutions of research in taking up action researches on important rights issues. Takes up researches on the status of and access to health, education, water by the rural communities.

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