VaanMuhil is actively involved in Campaigns on important human rights issues
particularly on dalit rights, women rights, child rights and livelihood rights of the marginalized communities

Life Skills Psycho-social Training for girls

  • Vaan Muhil organized four psycho-social trainings and four life skills training for girls during the project period.  A total 246 adolescent girls (Sumangali returnees) were identified in 3 blocks in Tirunelveli district during the review period and out of these 246 girls, 126 girls (below 18) have been selected for our interventions and psycho-social analysis.  Need assessment was done for 126 girls.  Totally 101, out of 126 girls benefitted out of our Psycho-social trainings, organized in three blocks during the review period and
  • Out of these 101 girls, 97 attended our one day life skills training.  Twenty five girls took part in the one day leadership camp that we organized.
  • Some of them realized their own strengths, capacities and limitations, after attending our life skill trainings and psycho-social trainings.
  • After our trainings, the confidence level of the girls has gone  up and at least half of them are able to face the harsh reality with boldness
  • The psycho-social training was very helpful to them to understand their interpersonal relationships and to improve healthy relationships with their friends and relatives.
  • The girl participants started developing critical thinking, out of the conventional way by considering various other alternatives, which, according to them, helps them in solving their problem in their life
  • The life skill training was very helpful to them to improve their communicative skills and some of them were able to articulate their problems very well. 


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