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particularly on dalit rights, women rights, child rights and livelihood rights of the marginalized communities

Tailoring Unit at Suthamalli for girls out of Sumangali Scheme

Vaan Muhil set up a small tailoring unit with 10 sewing machines in Suthamalli, Manur Panchayat Union in Tirunelveli district in March 2013, after having detailed consultation with the affected girls out of Sumangali Scheme, as part of rehabilitation package for the rescued girls and returnees from Sumangali Scheme.

As poverty at home and lack of alternate employment opportunities in source districts have been the major push factors to contribute large scale unsafe migration from this dry and drought prone district, Vaan Muhil took this small step to involve the girls out of Sumangali Scheme so that they can stand on their feet. The first batch has completed their basic training in tailoring and will go for short two month course in cutting and designing. After this training, the trained girls will set up a garment unit and to earn their living. A feasibility study will also be conducted by the project team as to the marketing potentials in this area before the garment unit is set up.


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