VaanMuhil is actively involved in Campaigns on important human rights issues
particularly on dalit rights, women rights, child rights and livelihood rights of the marginalized communities

Public Meetings/ Makkal Muttram in Block Headquarters (Kayathar and Ottapidaram)

Vaan Muhil organized public meetings in Kayathar and Ottapidatam in Tuticorin district November 2013, as part of its campaign on the implementation of the Right to Education in southern Tamil Nadu. People in large numbers from nearby villages gathered to listen to the speakers, who spoke at length on various aspects of the RTE and its implementation.

There were also cultural programmers, folk dance and awareness songs in between to explain to the rural audience about the salient features of the Act, the roles and responsibilities of the local bodies, School Management Committee members and the Parents in effective implementation of the Act. Mr.Henri Tiphange Executive Director, People’s watch-Tamil Nadu participated in the Makkal Muttam programmes to answer the questions and doubts raised by the public. Human right activists from different place in Tirunelveli and Tuticorin districts took active part in and addressing the gathering. Similar public meeting was organized in Reddiyarpatti in Alangulam block on 31.01.2014 and a few hundred people attended the meeting.


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